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Hydraulics & Coastal Engineering Group (H.C.E.)

Coastal and Air Pollution Department

 Environment and Urban Development Division

     Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) was established in 1967, by Japanís Arabian Oil Company Ltd. in fulfillment of its obligations under the Oil Concession Agreement with the Government of Kuwait. The Institute was reorganized by an Amiri decree issued in 1973. Another Amiri decree in 1981 (Law No. 28) formally established KISR as an independent public institution. The mission of KISR, as stipulated by the decree (1981), is to promote scientific and applied research related to national industry, energy, resources of natural wealth, and food resources. The law entrusted the Institute with undertaking research, and scientific and technological consultations for both governmental and private institutions in Kuwait as well as training local manpower. There are five research divisions at KISR. The Environment and Urban Development (EUD) Division deals mainly with the protection of the terrestrial and marine environments with regard to the industrial development and urbanization of the country...... !

   The Coastal and Air Pollution Department (CAD) is one of the EUDís fourth departments. CAD group welcome to interact for any of your needs in the area of Coastal and Air Pollution Engineering. To achieve the above CAD goals over several phases. These phases are as follows:

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