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Tide Level Prediction for Arabian Gulf.



Fish Farming Outside Kuwait Bay.


Al-Khiran Pearl City


   KISR together with Buro Happold (BH), consultant for La'ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company, completed the studies required to ensure the adequacy of the water quality for Phase A1 and A2.  The flushing of the lagoons was determined by simulating the advection dispersion of a conservative substance using the RMA-11 model.



Hydrodynamic Prediction

Animation for Tidal elevation in the Arabian Gulf produced from RMA model.

 In this study the RMA-10 model was set up for the Arabian Gulf. The RMA-10 model is a three dimensional finite element HD model (King 1988) capable of simulating steady and unsteady currents.The RMA model uses an unstructured grid making it suitable for generating finer grids in the areas of interest


New location for fish farming outside Kuwait Bay

To assess in detail the suitable of new site for fish farm outside Kuwait Bay. Here some sites animation to select for measured water quality regarding pollutant dispersion

Risk Analysis for Capsizing OF Small Vessels in

Kuwait's Marine Environment

    The main objective of this study is to provide estimated measures of risk for capsizing of vessels for the local and international insurance agencies concerned with sailing operations and navigational safety, and particularly insurance of small recreational and commercial vessels. The information required includes the simulation of vessel stability under adverse wave conditions, the wind-wave climate of Kuwait's marine environment, development of a small-vessel risk map for Kuwait’s territorial waters under extreme wave conditions, and tables listing capsize probability risks associated with various small vessels of varying sizes operational within Kuwait’s territorial waters

Al-Khiran Pearl City lagoons

for Phase A1 to A4

This animation shows the flushing calculation for the Khiran Pearl city lagoons for Phase A1 to A4. Two tidal gates were necessary to get adequate flushing conditions. The RMA package was used for the hydrodynamic and advection dispersion modeling.




Al-Zour power plant

This animation shows the amount of recirculation at the intake and the area affected by the existing Az-Zour power plant. A tracer material is used in the RMA-11 model. The hydrodynamics were calculated from the RMA-10 model.




Power plant in the Shuiaba area

This animation shows the surface water temperature for the Shuiaba area. The RMA-10 model was used with five layers over the water depth in the area of interest. This study was part of the recirculation study for a proposed new intake and outfall for a power plant in the Shuiaba area where several outfalls and intakes exist.





Kuwait Tide

Kuwait Tidal Current

Wind-wave Prediction

Ktide model:

Tide Level Prediction


Kuwait tide Prediction model was developed to provide a useful tool for the generation of tides within the Kuwaiti territorial waters and Arabian Gulf. The Kuwait Tide Model is a general-purpose, state-of-the-art water levels prediction model. It is capable of estimating the water level at a number of stations in Kuwait waters and Arabian Gulf.


Kcurrent model:

Tidal Current Prediction


A new Tidal Current prediction technique is developed for hind-cast, now-cast and forecasting of Tidal current conditions over the Kuwaiti territorial water and the Arabian gulf. It is an interactive, online model. The computer simulation time required for this new modeling technique for Tidal Current history prediction in very little. The present technique is validated and named as KCurrent model. The results of this technique are compared with RMA model results and are found to be good.

Kwave Model:

Significant Wave Height Prediction


A efficient online wind-wave prediction model is developed for significant wave height (Hs) over the Kuwaiti territorial waters. The prediction from this new model and its efficiency are validated by comparison to the Wam model results. An appropriate application of the proposed model requires wav height and wind speed measured or simulated at a point during at least one year. The practical and fairly reliable information that can be generated with reliable ease with the proposed method should be of immediate value to engineers designing coastal projects along the Kuwait coast, Environment Public Authority (EPA), and the Public Ports Authority of Kuwait..

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